Birch plywood of 3/3 grade

Birch plywood of 3/3 grade is used for installation of the elements where decorative qualities are not important. This material is cheaper than products of higher grades, but it is durable and resistant to external threats. Smolensky DOK LLC manufactures and ships sheet material. We ship products to Smolensk and other regions.

Features of FSF 3/3 birch plywood

Both sides of the sheet are processed in the same way. The type of treatment is referred to СР grade. Its main feature is that there can remain various small rough areas on the surface left by cracks or traces of knots. They are not removed during polishing, but it is allowed to patch them with putty or other materials.

Paint or laminating film can be applied on top of the properly treated surface. It is possible to cover it with veneer or plastics. The main areas of application include:

  • creation of internal frames for furniture;
  • subflooring for finishing floor covering;
  • installation as a disposable formwork.

The product has a good level of strength, it does not crack, does not bend, and is designed for long-term use.

Supplies of 3/3 plywood on the wholesale or retail basis

We are original manufactures of building materials, we strictly control the quality of products at all stages of the process. We arrange large shipments by our in-house transport, and sell FSF 3/3 birch plywood on the wholesale or retail basis with the minimum quantity of one sheet. Leave a request on the website or call us to find out more.

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