Birch plywood of 2/4 grade

FSF birch plywood of 2/4 grade is used in the manufacture of furniture, flooring, repairs. This material combines good decorative qualities, durability, reliability. Smolensky DOK LLC manufactures products according to GOST 3916.1-96, and ships products to Smolensk and other regions.

Features of 2/4 birch plywood

The two sides of the material have different processing, so it is suitable for those areas of use where high quality of processing of both sides of the sheet is not required.

Types of processing of the sides:

  • BB: decorative part, usually used as a front side. Well processed, can be polished. Small cracks are patched, traces from knots are covered with birch veneer. Suitable for painting of up to 70% of the area. There are virtually no restrictions as to the composition of the paint, it can be transparent varnishes, colored paints.
  • CP: may require patching of cracks and holes using putty. Defects are not very visible, but they should be considered if you plan to laminate the surface with a film or to process it by other methods.

The material is often used as the base layer on which the finish floor covering is laid. It is allowed to use as part of scaffolding, installation structures, decking.

Supplies of FSF 2/4 plywood on the wholesale or retail basis

Smolensky DOK LLC is the original manufacturer. This allows us to control the quality at all stages and compliance of products with GOST, while setting low prices. You can order wholesale shipments of FSF 2/4 plywood or purchase it on retail basis with the minimum quantity of one sheet. To clarify the details, leave a request on the website or call us.

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