Birch plywood of 1/2 grade

Smolensky DOK LLC manufactures FSF birch plywood of 1/2 grade. The material complies with GOST 3916.1-96. The second designation of the product: B/BB (reads as “three B”).

Features of FSF 1/2 birch plywood

The material is made of several sheets pressed together. It has two sides that differ in the quality of surface treatment. We sell polished material for installation sites where appearance is important.

Among the features are the areas after removal of knots additionally patched with birch veneer. These parts of plywood are no different from the rest of the surface. Surface treatment with special paints and varnishes is allowed.

The main advantages of 1/2 plywood include:

  • high strength,
  • good protection against mechanical damage,
  • beauty,
  • durability.

The products are used in the furniture industry. Among our customers are companies engaged in repairs of premises.

Wholesale and retail supplies of 1/2 plywood

The whole range of goods of Smolensky DOK LLC are our own manufactured products. This allows us to control the quality at all stages of the process, and reduce prices for end users.

Leave a request on the website, and we will arrange the supply of 1/2 grade birch plywood on the wholesale or retail basis. We meet deadlines and ship by in-house transport. You can arrange pickup from our warehouse.

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