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Smolensky DOK LLC supplies FSF plywood of its own production to clients from Russia and also for export. FSF birch plywood consists of veneer layers glued with phenol formaldehyde resin, so this product has increased moisture resistance. This material can be used in many areas, including construction and repairs, furniture production, transport, and many other industries. The manufacturing process is regulated by the specifications established in GOST 3916.1-96.

The main types of FSF plywood from original manufacturer

FSF plywood is divided into three categories according to the type of surface treatment: polished (S2S), polished on one side (S1S) and non-polished (NS).

Grades of birch plywood surfaces:

  • Grade B(1). Virtually without defects. Allowed deviations: changes of sheet surface color of no more than 15%, holes from fallen-out knots up to 5 mm in the amount of up to 3 pcs/m2.
  • Grade BB(2). Allowed deviations: changes of color of up to 70%, knots and cracks can be patched with veneer matched in color.
  • Grade CP(3). Allowed deviations: changes of color without limitation, defects can be puttied.
  • Grade C(4). Defects of processing and the structure of wood, holes and cracks may be patched.

Wholesale of FSF plywood

You can order wholesale shipments of FSF plywood  of the required grade and thickness from Smolensky DOK LLC. We ship our products to Smolensk and other regions, and can arrange one-time or regular supplies. All our products comply with GOST 3916.1-96. To place an order, call us or leave a request on our website.

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