Technological process

Smolensky DOK LLC manufactures plywood of high quality birch veneer. The manufacturing process is arranged in accordance with the specifications prescribed by GOST 3916.1–96. The company has implemented strict quality control process – it excludes the sale of defective material or the material that does not meet the standards of the relevant grade.

Manufacturing stages

The process begins with the purchase of raw materials. We use birch from the Northern regions – it is stronger, more durable and well suited for processing. Tree trunks are delivered to the production line, where they undergo the following processing steps:

  • Steaming - the raw material is placed in pools, where it is steamed in strict compliance with the requirements for temperature and humidity level.
  • Peeling - this is the process of obtaining veneer, which will be used in future manufacture.
  • Cutting - we use the equipment which allows to make sheets free of defects at the stage of their preparation for further processing. We measure humidity – it should not be higher than 6%.
  • Processing - small defects and knots are removed from the surface. Sometimes the resulting cavities are patched. At this stage, the material is sorted out.
  • Bonding - the sheets are joined together by an adhesive composition under the influence of high temperatures and pressure.

This is only a general description of the manufacturing cycle. There are many peculiarities – the choice of the right safe glue, trimming in size, patching the traces of knots and much more. Our technological process is arranged in such a way that you can get quality material of various grades.

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