Areas of plywood use

The area of plywood use is determined by two main parameters:

  • thickness: the thicker the sheet, the greater the load it can withstand;
  • grade: indicates the type of external processing of the sheet, the availability of small defects.

The main areas of use include:

Construction and repairs - plywood sheets can be used as a disposable formwork, as well as for wall cladding. They are often used as subflooring. The finishing decorative coating is put on top of it. This is the method of laying parquet flooring.


Furniture manufacturing - plywood is used to create frames for manufacture of cupboards, drawer chests, bedside tables. Depending on the grade, the material is used for installation from the inner or outer surface. Lamination, varnishing or gluing of veneer of fine wood is also allowed.


Packaging - plywood is used to make containers and packaging to protect fragile goods during transportation by various methods.


The durability of plywood, convenience of its sawing to make workpieces of the required forms and sizes, adaptability for covering by films, varnishes, paints and plastics – all this considerably expands its areas of use.

The experts of Smolensky DOK LLC will answer any questions about the application of any plywood grades and will help you choose a product with the desired characteristics.

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